Halberstadt’s ND Wedding Package FAQs


Q: How soon do I need to have my wedding party’s measurements in?

A: 90 days prior to your wedding date. This allows us the time needed to ensure inventory from our manufacturers.


Q: Can people just pay for their packages when they pick them up?

A: Because we order sizes specifically for your party as a group, we do require payment prior to ordering. The timeframe for payments is the same as measurements - 90 days prior to your wedding.


Q: Can I just get the suit pants and a shirt? What about just a vest and pants?

A: Our suit packages are sold as a set. We are not able to sell suit separates, as they come to us from our manufacturer as a full suit. Should you choose to have members of your party just wear part of their suit for the wedding, they will still have that full suit to wear again and again.


Q: How do I take care of alterations? How much do they cost?

A: Every pair of pants will need a hem, and other alterations are available if need be. Alterations can be done through our In-House Alterations Service, or they can be arranged independently. Our prices are as follows:

-Pant Hem or Cuff: $12.99

-Waist Adjustment (Taken In or Let Out): $12.99

-Suit Coat Taper: $17.99

-Shorten or Lengthen Coat Sleeves: $17.99

-Dress Shirt Taper: $17.99 


Q: Why don’t you alter Called-In Measurements?

A: We cannot guarantee measurements taken by a third-party. Because we have not seen individuals who call in measurements in our store, we cannot say for certain that the sizing they called in is indeed correct. Therefore, we leave their packages untailored so they can try on the suit and make sure the size is what they need. If not, we can easily switch out the size and they can take care of tailoring with the correctly sized suit.


Q: What if someone in my wedding party can’t arrange alterations until the week of the wedding?

A: If you have someone who needs tailoring through us but cannot come in until the week of the wedding, we are able to make this work so long as they come see us at least 24 hrs prior to the wedding date. 


Q: How do you handle shipping wedding packages to out-of-town wedding party members?

A: We ship packages via UPS, and the charge for a single wedding package shipment is $15.99. We will ship packages within the same timeframe that your entire party's packages are completed.


Q: When can I pick up my wedding packages?

A: We strive to have all wedding packages ready for pick up (or shipped out) 30 days prior to your wedding date, based on inventory. This deadline may vary 2-5 business days. We will contact the bride and groom via e-mail when packages are completed and ready to be picked up.


Q: Who do I direct any questions to regarding my wedding packages after everything has been set up?

A: Our wedding coordinator is available to you to answer any questions, and help with anything you may need with your wedding packages. She can be reached at halberstadtsndweddings@gmail.com.


Q: How can I receive updates on the status of my wedding packages?

A: Our wedding coordinator will send updates via e-mail throughout the wedding package process. Updates can also be requested via halbersatdtsndweddings@gmail.com any time.


Q: What can I do to make sure everyone in my party is on the same page?

A: We ask that you snap a photo of this document and share it with all members of your wedding party, to ensure everyone has all of this information. You will also receive a PDF document via e-mail that can be forwarded to everyone.