Brian Inman reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

I stopped into the new Bismarck location today to get my new suit sized. Nathan was great to work with and the selection of men’s clothing in the new location is top notch. Great experience today and will stop in again in the future.

Hukun Dabar reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Wonderful team and a great place to get the best suit style. Love it.

Julie Workman reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

I stopped in today to buy my son his first suit. I was completely dreading it. I am not a fan of pushy sales people who just want to take advantage of you, and seeing how I had no idea what I was doing (never bought a suit before) I was sure that is what I was in for. I am so glad this is one of the times I was wrong. This had to be the best shopping experience I've ever had. Tyler was welcoming right from the start. I told him my budget and he laid out a variety of options, was honest and up-front. Has impeccable taste. He made it so easy when I was overwhelmed. I will be a return customer for sure. I highly recommend this store!

Darrick Tallahassee McYahnke reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

My son and I stopped in Friday to get suits for my fathers funeral. Nate helped us out and we had our suits the next morning. Being it is Christmas weekend I was amazed at how quickly they got them together for us. I will be a return customer for life.

Thank you.

Grant Nemzek reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

I was a little worried walking into Halberstadt's as a woman wanting a men's suit, but Tim didn't miss a beat and I never felt out of place. He helped me find a suit and some awesome shirt/tie combos, and I've never felt and looked better! Thanks for everything, Tim :) I'll definitely be coming back!

Kurt Landwehr reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

I️ can’t say enough about the quality of product and wonderful team. I️ worked with Barry at the downtown location and it was a top notch experience.

Dylan Kraft reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Favorite store! Dalton is amazing highly recommend him for all your suiting needs!

Tammy Hiltner reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

The guys in the West Acres location are the best. My son has a huge interest in suits so he visits the store very often. Tim and all the guys always make him feel welcome and appreciated.

Alfred Honer reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Stopped by the West Acres location and picked up some shirts. Greeted by Dalton. Excellent representative for the store. Really went out of the way to get proper service and good fitting products. Highly recommendable.

Musa Jérémie Mulu reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Just the look and the style of all the guys that work there is breathtaking let alone customer service which is incredibly awesome. I do some of my shopping at the Fargo Mall location for suits and shoes at "Broadway Shoe Co." I mean you guys are just exceptional. I like day I'll be a member of your sales Team. Oh I just bought one pair of shoe today from "Bo" He was phenomenal sorry if I misspelled his name, anyway excellent Customer service.

Clarence Brown reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Best service I have ever received when buying a suit. There selection and service will be the reason I will come back even though I live in Omaha Nebraska and only visit North Dakota about 3-4 times a year!

Kelsey Stuber reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

My husband and our groomsmen looked like total STUDS on our wedding day!

Traci Rugland Ketring reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

A big shout out to all of the staff at Halberstadt's in Fargo. We keep going back due to the great service and great value! Kudos to you all!

Paula Berriche reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Love the individualized attention they give to my son to make sure he looks his best!!!!

Vanessa Vistad Gunning reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

I was almost brought to tears yesterday, happy and heart warming tears, by a young man who was a complete stranger to My husband and I. This young man works at Halberstadt's in the mall. This man went above and way beyond to get my husband a suit and everything to go with it! My husband is handicapped, navigation is tough, gait very unsteady, and he tires easily, so you can imagine the undertaking we were prepared for to get him a suit. This young man, Tim, was absolutely phenomenal! He did everything from move clothes racks, helped my husband get dressed and measured, put on his belt, held his hand when he was unsteady, and even put his shoes back on after we were done!!!! This young man is a class act, Halberstadt's is blessed to have him as an employee! Tim Gruchow thank you!

Garret Adam reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

A top notch inventory accompanied by top notch staff!

Alex Hendrickson reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Halberstadt's offers an impressive level of service that always amazes me. The salesmen are well informed and willing to share their personal style advice. My items are always tailored as requested and delivered by UPS in just a few days. Thanks again, guys!

Joe Steinmann reviewed Halberstadt's ND — 5 star

Awesome customer service!!!! Helped me pick out exactly what I wanted! Had such a large selection to choose from with amazing prices! My sales associate, Cole, was such a big help and got me into the suit of my dreams! Will definitely be back for all my clothing needs!

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