Tim Halberstadt

Tim has been with Halberstadt's for 34 years. When asked what his best attribute as the Owner of Halberstadt's is, his answer was "easy going." If Tim could be any cartoon character he would be George Jetson, because he's always looking into the future. 


Barry Gruchow

Barry has helped make dreams come true at Halberstadt's for 9 years. How has he done this? "I love people, whether it's helping the customer or hanging with other co-workers," says Barry. If given the chance to talk to lions or dolphins Barry would choose to talk to lions because of his appreciation for their roar and fight. 

Tim Gruchow

Bringing the power of passion - this is Tim's style. His love for helping people pick out something that boosts their confidence and makes their day is one of the many reasons that Tim has excelled at his job for the past six years. Besides humans, he would enjoy talking to dolphins, because they are fun and playful. 

Cole Sandford

Cole has been with Halberstadt's for 6 years and counting. He always strives to help the customer feel comfortable while having fun. Q: What cartoon character would you describe yourself as? A: Spongebob, because we are both always happy and have great laughs. 

Alex Dahl

Alex has worked at Halberstadt's for 5 years. His organizational skills put him in the position to succeed. If faced with the tough decision to eat only doughnuts or popsicles for the rest of his life, Alex would choose doughnuts because of the endless options and variety. 

Tyler Carroll

"I'm a very personable guy with great facial hair," explains Tyler. This potent combination of personality and style has made Tyler's 4 years at Halberstadt's exceptional. In addition, if he could have any super power he would have 'super speed', so he could tie his ties quicker. 

Nate L.jpg

Nathan lindgren

Best attributes: calm and collected personality; always having a positive attitude. Halberstadt's has been lucky to have Nathan as a part of the company for the last year. If given the chance to be either 9' or 2' tall, he would be 9' tall because, "you can always bend over to reach something, but you can't always grow taller to reach things up high." 

Beau Keimig

Beau has been with Halberstadt's ND for over one year and has been a great addition to the Crew. If he could have any super power Beau would like to have the ability to become invisible. Though this power makes Beau want to be sneaky, his presence is known at Halberstadt's ND with his can-do attitude and strong work ethic. 


Kevin Zito

"If I could be any cartoon character I would be Optimus Prime from Transformers, because I like being in control! Also, just in case you were wondering, I would describe myself as a pan-crust pepperoni pizza. Why? Stop in the our store, and I'd love to chat!" Kevin's experience and can-do attitude make him an awesome member of the Halberstadt's ND crew. 



Dalton's experience with customer service is just one of many great attributes that makes Dalton a fantastic addition to the team! To break the ice, we asked Dalton what super power he would have if given the choice. "I would want to be able to Teleport, so I could travel on my time off!" Welcome to Halberstadt's ND Dalton! 


Tyler nysveen

Q: What cartoon character would you be and why?

A:  I would be Batman because I like the color black - just like Batman.

We are excited to have Tyler join the Halberstadt's ND Crew! His welcoming personality and strong work ethic make him an excellent addition. Stop in today, and Tyler will be happy to help out in any way possible!


AJ Wilson

With 17 years in the Retail industry, Halberstadt’s ND is thrilled to welcome AJ to the team. AJ has a vast knowledge of men’s fashion and his emphasis on excellent customer service is top-notch. Did you know that AJ thinks Superman is the best dressed of all of the super heroes? This is because AJ’s favorite color is blue, and blue is (of course) the main color of superman’s outfit (minus the cape, of course).


Hunter thompson

Hunter is our newest employee at Halberstadt's ND! His ability to help others by listening to their needs and offering great advice makes Hunter outstanding on the sale's floor. When asked what his favorite dessert is he answered, "Vanilla Creme Brulee. I've only tried it once but my taste buds absolutely loved it!" 


Ethan Woods

Welcome Ethan! The majority of Ethan's work experience has been in hospitality and sales, which will make him an excellent new addition to Halberstadt's ND. "I enjoy providing a service for others and building their confidence, specifically with clothes," states Ethan. Ethan would be describe himself as Jerry Mouse (if he had to be a cartoon character) because he is full of energy, witty, and always ready for what's to come! 


Jaeden schaan

An excellent salesmen, co-worker, and... musician? That's right! A fun fact about Jaden is that he writes swing music for his brother and is an accomplished musician himself. New to the Crew, we are thrilled to have Jaeden on the floor. His personable, compassionate, and motivated personality makes him a wonderful employee to work with! 


Davyd zebley

Myr. Zebley has been with Halberstadt's ND for one year, but he has recently changed up his position from behind the scenes to sales. Davyd brings an extensive knowledge of style and a welcoming personality! When asked what he would do if he was given a million dollars (and he had to spend it) he said, "I would buy out a Travis Scott concert and drink lemonade while listening to the biggest musician of the last 10 years." Touché Mr. Zebley, and we are glad to have you on the sales floor!